As the days grow shorter and the weather gets cooler there’s only one thing to do – Get back inside for exercise that gets your heart rate up, floods your body with feel-good endorphins and has you connecting, or reconnecting with like-minded people working toward our common goal of feeling better for life!

Wondering where to start among a sea of choices?

Try a group exercise class – With a weekly schedule filled with over 60 varied opportunities, this is a great place to make a fresh start, or add to an existing workout plan that’s not feeling as exciting as it used to be.  You’ll find classes that make you move, groups that get you stronger and formats that energize you and make you remember that exercise is supposed to feel good!

Get in the water – Nothing feels better than warm water when the cool weather starts to make you remember all those aches and pains.  If swimming laps is not for you try an aquatics class.  There’s a variety of classes available every week in all 3 pools.  You’re sure to find one that matches your interests, ability and fitness level.  Or, make your own schedule in the water and try your hand at one of our pre-made workouts, or even one of your own.  It’s all about just getting in and doing what feels good to you!

Ask an expert –  Get some personalized advice from one of our fitness pro’s if you’re having trouble finding exercise that checks every box for you.  They have the knowledge and experience to recommend new challenges that will match your goals, abilities and interests.  Whether it’s a quick question or one-on-one personal training, our fitness staff is ready to help you succeed.  All you have to do is stop by the fitness desk,  give us a call (269)552-2251, or use the contact form and send us a message.

However you get started, the most important thing is that you START!  It’s easy to let life get in the way and say “As soon as _____ is over I’ll get back to the gym…”   The thing about life is that there will always be another _____ to deal with and time goes by pretty quickly.  Before you know it another season has passed and the habit of not exercising is more ingrained and harder to break.  Before that happens why not make this the season that you give up any excuses and fall (or fall back!) in love with fitness first?!