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Building Better Athletes!

Whether young in your athletic career or at the top of your game, to excel on the court or the field an athlete needs agility, speed, power, flexibility and functional strength.  Our athletic trainers are certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, certified Performance Specialists by The United States Association of Weightlifting and The American College of Sports Medicine and certified exercise physiologists.  Our team expertise allows us to build athletes who are optimized for peak performance and protected from injury, with sound science applied in every training session.

Meet our trainers

We train athletes from the junior level all the way to the pro’s; solo athletes or entire teams, with sport specific training plans crafted to improve skills, address weaknesses or rehabilitate injuries.  Performance packages are customized to fit the needs of the athlete(s), and may consist of speed and agility, ACL injury prevention, combined skill development, strength development and sport specific conditioning.

Our athletes train on state-of-the-art equipment designed for results, including the Tuff Tread performance treadmill, the only one of it’s kind available within the local area!

Give us a call, (269)552-2340, or fill out our Contact Form to get started training, or to learn more about any of our programs.

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