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Dale Abbott

I took up cycling a couple years ago, and even though I was getting about 2,000 miles in each season, I was frustrated with my physical limitations. I struggled with speed, strength and power. Steep hills were tough to say the least, with no power, and low aerobic capacity.

In October I started working with Chad, one of the personal trainers at the Borgess Health & Fitness Center. My goal was clear: I wanted to be a stronger, faster rider next year. I met with Chad several times over the fall and winter and he always took the time to talk to me about my current performance, the type of riding I do, and to explain how and why the programs he was recommending work. He set me up on an individualized program that consisted of 8 weeks of base training, 6 weeks of interval training, and 8 weeks of endurance training. This was combined with an overall strength-training program.

I put a lot of time into the program over the winter but of course was not able to measure my progress along the way since I couldn’t get out and ride. I felt like I was getting stronger, but it’s really hard to tell until you get out on the road. Finally a warm day came in March – I put my bike on the road and took myself out for a test drive! I was AMAZED at the difference! I felt like superman! I am 2-3 mph faster, I can ride for hours without fatigue, and I spin up hills with no trouble and without gasping for breath. IT WORKED!

Oh, and, just as a bonus, I lost 15 pounds in the process!

Carol Warner


13 Jun, 2016


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