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Anna Miskovsky

My journey to the Borgess Health & Fitness Center began with an appointment with Ed Orloff, a member of the Borgess Spine Physical Therapy team. I had significant neck pain and had been seeking treatment to get better. Ed not only helped me care for myself, but also understand that I needed to get up and get moving. To be honest, I was afraid to exercise, as I thought it would increase my pain and suffering. Thankfully, Ed encouraged me to start by introducing me to the fitness facility and the great staff, including Clancy Smith.

As I gained confidence, I set up time with Clancy for a fitness evaluation and began personal training sessions. Initially, I had personal training sessions with Clancy two times a week for 30 minutes. It was really hard work. Clancy immediately demonstrated such a strong knowledge base of how to design a fitness program to address my specific limitations, as well as help me aggressively achieve my goals through an environment of accountability. I felt invigorated by the progress I was able to make on my personal fitness goals through the personalized program Clancy provided.

When I got stronger and more capable, I increased my workout frequency. Clancy made the workouts challenging and a lot of fun. Soon, I could work out for 60 minutes three times a week. At this point, the clothing I wore was at least five sizes smaller! Today, my transformation continues. I am more tone, stronger and continue to lose weight.

As I reflect back to some of our early workouts, I could barely do a few push-ups. Now I’m mastering much more complex exercises due to Clancy’s strength-building programs. He makes every workout rewarding, and week to week, we celebrate my progress. I highly recommend the Borgess Health & Fitness Center for anyone looking to build a more vibrant and active life. Borgess could be a great partner in your fitness journey, too.




10 Apr, 2015


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