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Special Edition Outdoor Yoga & Pilates

Take your yoga or Pilates experience to the next level as some of your favorite classes head outdoors during July.  Commune with nature, enjoy the feel of grass under your feet, warm sunshine and fresh air in these special edition classes held in a natural setting at the back of the BHFC soccer field.  Guests are welcome to attend any of the outdoor classes free of charge.

Classes to be held outside include:

July 6- Yoga 7-8pm with Joy

July 14- Pilates 8-9am with Deidre


July 18- Yoga 7-8pm with Jess

July 26- Yoga 7-8pm with Joy

July 30- Yoga 10:30-11:20am with Sarah


Please note:  In the event of inclement weather, all classes will be held in their normal indoor locations.  Guests may still attend free of charge but will need to register at the front desk.


Carol Warner


24 Jun, 2017


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