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Shape Your Summer & Win!

Make a bet for sccess & enjoy your healthiest summer ever!  Whether your goal is to slim down, sculpt your body with more lean muscle or maybe improve your overall well being, a healthier summer can be yours with the right plan.

Experts agree, achieving small goals can be a powerful motivator toward larger successes, and tying these goals to a financial incentive can be a smart way to realize big rewards. Our Shape Your Summer motivational rewards program gives you both – achievable goals and a sweet reward at the end!

Getting started is easy:

Place your $10 wager at the front desk

Choose your healthy 8 week goal

Check in with a fitness specialist the week of April 14 & establish your starting point

Work toward your goal with the help of our trainers or resources from our toolbox

Check out with a fitness specialist the week of June 16

Collect your payout for achieving your goal!

Not a member yet?  Join for 8 weeks for just $15 additional per week! ($120 package price)


Carol Warner


07 Apr, 2019


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