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Flex 2021 Membership Special

Flexing To Meet YOUR Needs!

Get started on those New Year’s goals whatever your current situation is.  We’re offering a flexible plan that will meet your fitness needs whether you’re ready to be in the gym right now, or you need to stay away for a little longer.

2 Options for membership –

Ready To Go – 

Enjoy a low $49 joining fee and begin your membership immediately, comfortable in the knowledge that we’re adhering to all current State mandates & strict hospital infection control protocols.

Your package includes:

  • Fitness orientation & personalized fitness plan
  • Follow up coaching & support
  • Fitness Classes for all abilities
  • Mobile App Circuit Workouts
  • Virtual Nutrition Strategy Series

Need To Take It Slow –

You’ll pay a $49 initiation fee, and lock in your great deal with the option to defer your membership dues* until you’re comfortable being in the gym.

Until you’re ready, you’ll receive:

  • A Home Fitness Workout Plan
  • Virtual Exercise Classes
  • Fitness Follow-up & Support
  • Mobile App Circuit Workouts
  • Virtual Nutrition Strategy Series

*Pay just $10 per month while your membership is on hold. Activate your in-gym membership anytime before 4/30/21.                                                                                                Regular membership dues will re-start automatically on 5/1/20, unless activated by visiting the center sooner.

Stop by, or call 552-2350, to set up your membership and get started on your healthy new year!

Carol Warner


28 Dec, 2020


Ascension Borgess Health & Fitness